Ground Work

Alongside our range of tree surgery operations we also offer a variety of ground level services utilising the latest machinery and tree care techniques.


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Stump Grinding

For single stumps in a back garden or numerous stumps on a tree clearance site, we operate a range of stump grinding machines for both domestic and commercial situations.


Whether you require a ‘one-off’ specimen tree or a complete planting scheme, Dryad can advise on the most appropriate trees to plant, source the best specimens and plant with care to ensure they establish successfully. Maintenance and watering contracts can also be provided.

Decompaction And Aeration

To aid drainage of compacted lawns and construction sites and help the establishment of healthy plants.

Terravention – Nutrient Injection

Terravention is a process of decompaction, aeration and injection of the soil with mycorrhizal fungi which is beneficial to the root system of the tree. This process can sometimes help a stressed tree recover back to its former glory.

Airspade Root Investigation

To aid planners, developers, and architects. The precise position of roots can be established without the need for mechanical digging. A report can be produced for an additional cost illustrating the location and size of the roots that have been found.


Used around the base of either mature or newly planted trees the use of composted mulch will improve moisture retention of the soil, suppress competitive weed growth and increase microbial activity. We are able to offer two grades of wood chip mulch; composted wood chip and whole tree mulch.

Radial Trenching

This is carried out with an Air Spade to modify soil composition, improve aeration and encourage root growth, usually to 30cm depths. It is especially effective when trees have stratified or shallow depth of viable soil or anaerobic conditions.
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