Tree Work

General maintenance or urgent tree work, Dryad Tree Specialists can help. We offer free initial consultations for tree work and make recommendations by way of a no obligation quotation. We offer complete arboricultural services for both private and domestic clients and are on the Approved Contractors List for several local authorities.
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Sectional Felling and Dismantling

Where it is not, safe nor practical to straight fell a tree, it may be climbed and felled in sections. If obstacles are below the tree, brushwood and timber will be carefully lowered down using ropes and lowering blocks.


Tree work Castle Grounds, Guildford – 2006

Crown Reduction and Lifting

If a tree is becoming too large, a crown reduction can gain a little more light or increase a view. In other situations removing and pruning low branches – crown lifting – can increase height clearance for both people and vehicles.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees are usually pruned in the winter when the trees are in a dormant state. We carry out annual pruning to produce fruit, or reduce neglected trees to a size, and shape that will be easier to manage in the future.

Removal Of Dead Wood And Dangerous Branches

Dead wood is often present within the crown of a tree. It may be a sign of ill health, but it is also a process of natural growth. Removing it from the crown is a good way to reduce the risk of it falling, inflicting harm or damage.


Hedge Trimming And Reduction

We perform all hedge related tasks from light trimming to heavy cutting back and height reduction.  Each hedge will react differently depending upon the species, some will tolerate a hard degree of pruning, whilst others will not. We aim to leave you with the best-looking hedge possible.


Removing the branches of a tree, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches.  We usually only pollard trees have had this carried out in the past.


We carry out coppicing as part of traditional woodland management. Some species of tree will take advantage of sprouting new growth from stumps following coppicing.

Veteran Tree Management

Older trees often need a different approach to that of a younger tree. We can help guide you in the best possible direction to ensure your tree stays safe and healthy.

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) – Professional Nest Removal

Removal of toxic OPM nests from the crowns of Oaks using high power, industrial vacuums and full PPE. See more here.


Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) Nest
OPM Nest

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