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Dryad Tree Specialists are Consulting Arborists based in Guildford, Surrey. We have over 30 years of Arboricultural experience. Staff are fully trained and qualified in Professional Tree Inspection and Tree Surveys.  Our Arboricultural consultants provide tree reports and surveys for landowners and buyers, and a wide range of other clients including architects, developers, insurers and estate managers.

BS5837 Tree Survey and Reports

When building on a site where trees are present or on neighbouring sites, the Local Planning Authority will require a Tree Survey to be carried out that meets the requirements of BS5837:2012 –Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction. The aim of these Reports are to assess trees around developments, make recommendations for retention or removal, as well as ensuring any trees that are to be retained, are not damaged during the building works. The specifications for the BS5837 reports are comprised of the following:

Tree Survey Tree work BS5837

BS5837 Tree Survey and Tree Constraints Plan

The Tree Survey looks at the quality of the trees and assigns a specific retention value for each tree. This can be a useful tool to aid developers decisions on which trees to keep or remove.  The Tree Constraints plan is an AUTOCAD drawing illustrating tree canopy spreads, BS5837 retention categories, and Root Protection Areas.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

BS5837 Tree Survey, Tree Protection Plan, Near Me Surrey Hampshire

This report follows on from the initial survey. It identifies potential future pressures and conflicts between the proposed development and retained trees. It offers mitigation measures and justification for the tree work, with the goal being to prevent the Local Planning Authority taking issue.

Example of Tree Constraints Plan

Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan

This report follows on from the Impact Assessment. It highlights specific activities in the building process relating to trees. Detailed methodologies for working around the trees with the aim of protecting them through each process The Tree Protection Plan is a scaled AUTOCAD drawing that accompanies the Method Statement. It is over-layed on the Tree Constraints Plan and shows the location of any Protective Fencing and Ground Protection. Any other Arboricultural requirements may also be illustrated from the Method Statement.

Arboricultural Supervision and Site Monitoring

Where a development is likely to impact on a tree (Eg – Digging in a Root Protection Area) Arboricultural supervision is needed. The Council will insist on a Pre-Commencement Meeting, Arboricultural supervision, and site monitoring.  This is to be carried out through key stages of the development providing ongoing evidence of compliance with the Local Planning Authority with the BS5837 Report, and associated Methodologies.

 Health and Safety Tree Survey Inspections

Tree Survey, BS5837, Near me, Surrey, Guildford, Hampshire
Decay Fungus
Tree Survey, Tree Report, BS5837, Surrey, Guildford, Hampshire
Decay Fungus









To assist landowners in the management of their trees, Dryad can provide Tree Reports for individual specimens or whole Tree Surveys for the management of large sites. Surveys and Inspections can provide advice on maintenance, and develop programmes for future management as well as budgetary advice where required.

It is important to understand trees are ever changing, living organisms that are are susceptible to climatic and environmental change. Tree owners have a duty of care under ‘Common Law’ to maintain their trees in a safe condition to avoid 3rd party harm or damage whilst protecting their liabilities. Tree Surveys are a great way to help manage trees and highlight potential risks that may otherwise lead to property damage or harm. Recommendations for Tree Works may be made based on Good Arboricultural Practices, Health and Safety or General maintenance.

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Types of Health and Safety Reports available:

Individual / Specific Tree Inspection

A report that addresses individual trees where concern is raised. Trees will be visually inspected using recognised Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) techniques, identifying any structural defects, diseases, physiological issues or any other hazardous observations. The reports will address issues and make recommendations for future maintenance that will be prioritised with a view to Health and Safety.

Comprehensive Tree Survey

A Comprehensive Tree Survey will identify every tree on site, detailing their species, height, canopy dimensions, structural conditions and physiological condition. General observations and recommendations will be made that will be prioritised with a view to Health and Safety.
Trees may be tagged using high visibility Arbotags making trees easy to locate, even in poor weather conditions.
Each tree will be recorded on a Tree Survey Schedule and plotted on a Tree Location Plan produced in AUTOCAD.
Small-scale Tree Survey (Less than 15 trees)
Large-scale Tree Survey (Site visit may be required before quotation)

Walk-Over / Negative Reporting Tree Survey

A walk-over survey is where all trees are visually inspected. Only trees that pose a hazard, or need remedial Tree Works will be recorded and tagged.  This method of surveying is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is often a more cost-effective way of surveying large areas of trees.


Other Reports and Investigations

General Arboricultural Report

Reports may be custom-made to meet individual client’s requirements. Common requirements include:
  • Tree Identification and Cataloguing
  • Tagging
  • Tree Protection Status searches
  • Hazard Evaluation
  • Subsidence Risk
  • Other Arboricultural Issues.

Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports / Property Pre-Purchase Tree Report

Mortgage companies often insist on a report relating to vegetation before releasing funds.  Our Reports may be custom-made to meet the requirements of the lender. Common issues as below:

  • Tree condition
  • Tree Risk Assessment and Hazard Evaluation
  • Potential direct damage from surrounding trees and vegetation
  • Potential for indirect damage over clay soils
  • Conservation Order Constraints
  • Tree Preservation Order Constraints

Climbing Inspection Report

Often defects in a tree remain hidden from ground level, so a climbing inspection may be required. It can target specific areas within the canopy of a tree (Eg – Decaying cavity). It can target the whole canopy highlighting any defects.  Following the inspection, a Report detailing the findings is produced. The Report will include relevant photos and recommendations for Tree Works.

Decay Detection Report

Aerial Decay Detection Drilling Tree Survey surrey Near me Hampshire
Decay detection drilling

When a tree is thought to be hollow or suffering from internal decay, further investigations may be necessary. We at Dryad use a RESI F500SE decay detection Drill. The RESI F500SE uses a 3mm flat drill that measures the resistance to torque ratio of the wood. The results are digitally recorded in a graph depicting the quality of the wood that has been drilled.  It can identify residual wall thickness and decay significance.  The results are interpreted, allowing us to make more informed, professional decisions and recommendations and suggest appropriate remedial Tree Works if required.

Drilling Graph Tree Survey Inspection Surrey Guildford Woking Weybridge
Drilling Graph