Tree Surveys

Our staff are fully trained and qualified in professional tree inspection and surveys, and are able to assist landowners, buyers, estate managers and insurers understand the state of any trees on site and how best to manage them.

Our approach is bespoke and the reports we produce tailored to the individual clients needs and industry regulations. Get in touch with us to find out how best we can help you.

BS5837 Tree Survey and Reports

When building on a site where trees are present, the local planning authority will require a tree survey to be carried out that meets BS5837 industry requirements. The aim of these reports is to assess any developments, make recommendations for retention or removal, and ensure any that are retained are not damaged during development. BS5837 reports are comprised of the following areas:

• BS5837 tree survey and tree constraints plan

• Arboricultural impact assessment

• Arboricultural method statement and tree protection plan

• Arboricultural supervision and site monitoring

Health and Safety Tree Survey Inspections

Tree owners have a duty of care under ‘Common Law’ to manage and maintain their trees in a safe condition to avoid third party harm or damage. Tree surveys are a great way to help manage trees, highlight these potential risks and how to manage them. Recommendations for tree works may be made based on good arboricultural practices, health and safety guidance, or general maintenance.


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Tree Survey, Tree Report, BS5837, Surrey, Guildford, Hampshire
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For each client a report can take many forms, and might offer recommendations on an individual specimen, or whole tree surveys for the management of large sites. In each case we might offer any of the following survey methods:

• Individual / Specific Tree Inspection

• Comprehensive Tree Survey

• Walk-Over / Negative Reporting Tree Survey

Other Reports and Investigations

General Arboricultural Report

Reports may be custom-made to meet individual client’s requirements and cover identification, protection and risk.

Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports / Property Pre-Purchase Tree Report

Mortgage companies often insist on a report relating to vegetation before releasing funds. Our reports may be custom-made to meet the requirements of the lender and cover tree condition, potential for damage and any preservation constraints.

Decay Detection Report

When a tree is thought to be hollow or suffering from internal decay, further investigations may be necessary. We at Dryad use a RESI F500SE decay detection drill which produces a graph depicting the quality of the wood that has been drilled. It can identify residual wall thickness and the significance of any decay.

Climbing Inspection Report

Often defects in a tree remain hidden from ground level, so a climbing inspection may be required. It can target specific areas within the canopy of a tree (E.g. – decaying cavity). It can target the whole canopy highlighting any defects. Following the inspection, a report detailing the findings is produced. The report will include relevant photos and recommendations for tree works.


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